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What an awesome 3 day action packed adventure in Morocco

I felt like I saw everything; the craziness of the markets in marrakech, the breathtaking high atlas mountains, the desert, raging rivers, incredible gorges and even the King! And that was all off the bike!

The scenery in Morocco is truly awe inspiring

Brilliant blue skies with red Grand Canyon style rock, capped off with snowy Atlas peaks. Some of the tiny groups of dwellings you find in the middle of nowhere seem to have grown up out of the ground and have an ancient feel to them. But even when miles from anywhere, you find locals walking… Read more “The scenery in Morocco is truly awe inspiring”

Riding in Morocco was truly amazing

I thought riding in Spain was good with fantastic food and great scenery,but Morocco is something else. It really has the wow!!factor. So to anybody out there who wants an action packed holiday riding great bikes through some of the best scenery in the world, then this is for you. Do yourself a favour and… Read more “Riding in Morocco was truly amazing”

Morocco is one of the most amazing, fantastic, exciting, activities possible.

Would recommend to anyone and everyone. Bikes were fantastic. People are the nicest people. whole thing is brilliant. 10/10 experience for Morrocco

Morocco was an incrideble experience

With a great team to drive thought the desert, seen a lot, it was all worth it, It was a great time every time I look at those photos, I would like to come back. …I am sure I will come back!

Possibly the best holiday any biker can take

Whether you are an in-experienced off-road bike or an experienced one, Red Sky Adventures is the way to go. Morocco trails are totally awesome. Bikes, staff, accommodation all fabulous ! (ten times better than Spain)

Excellent two days riding!

Great opportunity to explore so many rural and remote villages and experience the local culture and take advantage of the amazing tracks and trails. Great bikes perfect for the terrain. Will definitely be back.

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