Adventure Holidays in Morocco and Spain
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Using a very personal touch and excellent organisational skills, the dedicated team at Red Sky Adventures will organise your perfect trip to Morocco to Spain.

Off road motorbike guided tours and BMW touring holidays, Marrakech adventure day trips and multi-day tours in private 4×4‘s.

We will give you the best prices and itineraries to suit your needs.

Spain and Morocco offer activity tours and activity holidays galore.

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The scenery in Morocco is truly awe inspiring

"Brilliant blue skies with red Grand Canyon style rock, capped off with snowy Atlas peaks. Some of the tiny groups of dwellings you find in the middle of nowhere seem to have grown up out of the ground and have an ancient feel to them. But even when miles from anywhere, you find locals walking camels or goats across the terrain. All the locals are genuinely pleased to see you there especially on the bikes and waved excitedly as you pass by. Probably from the Dakar days when the rally passed through those parts."

Dave Hunt

Are you ready for your
adventure holiday experience?

You’ll experience the “real” Morocco and the “real” Spain.

Morocco will show you all that is magical and enchanting, where you’ll be left in awe by the colours and size of the ever changing landscape, green and lush, lunar-like in places and mesmerised by the perfectly sculpted towering sand dunes where you can sleep under the millions of stars and feel at peace in your soul.

Unlock the secrets of South Spains hidden gems, off the beaten track near Lakes, the Sierra Nevada mountains and even cowboy land in the Tabernas Desert. Discover charming villages away from the main tourist routes along with breathtaking views.

The fun you can have on 2 or 4 wheels or on a majestic camel carrying you slowly through the sand dunes to watch the unsurpassed splendour of a desert sunset or to enjoy the romance and tranquillity of a crystal clear night sleeping under the stars.


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