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Off road Motorbike Tours

Explore Morocco on an off road motorbike

3 day : Mountain tour

Leaving the Marrakech palmeries and heading into up and over the High Atlas Mountains and looping back round in 3 days riding. Awesome


3 Day: Desert Tour

In 3 days of riding, you'll see the famous Draa Valley, you'll test your sand riding skills on the Chegaga dunes, with our help of course, you'll ride on actual Paris-Dakar rallye tracks, you'll blast full-speed across a dry, flat lake bed, and you'll traverse the rugged Anti-Atlas mountains.


5 day : Middle Atlas Tour

Begin your adventure in Marrakech, heading up and into the stunning Middle Atlas regions of the massive Atlas Mountains where you'll be happily surprised at the green and stunning views, ending up in Fes, Morocco's second largest city.


5 Day: Coast and Mountain Tour

From breath-taking cliffs overlooking the ocean to pleasant Argan forests, the Moroccan coastline offers a beautiful backdrop to a thrilling morning on the bike.


5 Day: Desert Tour - Classic Morocco

Rugged mountain passes, sand dunes, Dakar rallye tracks, dry lake beds, stunning oases, clusters of palm trees surrounded by rock and sand, breathtaking canyons, gorges and cliffs.


7 Day: Deep South Tour

This tour includes a wide variety of scenery and terrain. From twisty mountain tracks to wide open desert plains to rocky coastal pistes, this tour has everything.


There is a myth that Morocco is not for the novice offroad biker...."too difficult, you must ride 200km's of tough terrain each day, too challenging, all tours are styled on you being a Dakar racer"....


This isn't the case so read on......

Although we suggest you having a little off road motorbike experience in your home country before you come out to Morocco and have an amazing time riding our bikes, we can find you a great offroad motorcycle tour that is perfect for novice riders, so you too can enjoy this beautiful land that is ...Morocco.

The off road motorbike tours are set up for novices, experienced off road riders or expert motorcyclists and we donít mix the groups unless you are bringing a mixed-ability group with you. If you do, then we can add another motorbike guide into the tour to cater for this.

When you're riding the motorbikes through the Moroccan landscape, you will be riding through rough and rugged terrains, as well as riding the bikes across vast dunes of soft sand and dry lake beds where you can really let rip and have some fun ...and the best bit is that its on someone elses motorbike! You can choose to ride across mountains or desert or both, itís all here in Morocco, waiting for you to enjoy.

We offer various off road motorbike holiday packages to suit your needs from 3 days to 7 days of riding. We are flexible enough to set up your own motorbike tour specific to what you would like to get out of your biking holiday with a group of 4 or more riders.

We will check out the best priced flight times on your behalf and can give you all the options and prices on airport transfers.


So what are you waiting for? Book your Off road Motorbike Holiday in Morocco NOW...

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